Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fashion in Different Cultures

 Fashion is the most important word for everyone. Fashion is an existing trend which has ability to change according to the moods and behavior of the people. A man who is the part of society wants to follow the fashion according to his culture, tradition, season and also his age. Many factors are affected on the fashion such as everyone likes to choose those fashions which are suitable for him and according to his age. In the selection of clothes we mostly follow the fashion, and in any culture people choose those wearing which is according to his culture and tradition. Gown and scarf is the part of Muslims culture. In Islamic women wearing covered dress. In European culture girls and boys mostly wear jeans and shirts. Culture of any society reflects the fashion because fashion depends on ideas and mood of common people and people wants to adopt those fashions which are suitable according to their atmosphere and culture. Some factors about fashion are common in different societies like bags, jewelry, shoes, stylish clothes, stylish hairstyle and beautiful glasses. When we talk about fashion women word will be appear in our mind because this word is actually made for women but in new generation it is not only for women. Men have their own fashion ideas, and they also give much importance to the selection of clothes, shoes, caps and watches. Every man wants to follow that fashion which makes them unique and decent so these thinking and ideas are common in any culture.
So any culture and society have its own traditions and customs. Every man is affected by his culture and traditions so fashion is that thing which is exist in any culture and every one wants to follow it.

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