Monday, November 29, 2010

80s Fashion Collection

Fashion is a style or trend. Basically, we create fashion according to our choice that is not consistency. Our choice, mood, season and the atmosphere that the different fashion sense. When compared with the fashion fashion 80's we realize that there is totally different. In the media the previous century was not working efficiently and people adopt the fashions and styles that were in their daily lives as a unique and beautiful.
At the beginning of the 80 were limited fashion and only had a few styles. Women are used with heavy embroidery belly shirts. But impotence were given in the selection of colors and the color combination is ideal for shirt and pants? What color is right for your personality? And it is the color of the embroidery is suitable for plain color shirt? All these questions are basically the issues that are important in making any dress. In the last century people were much more aware. His knowledge was limited to fashion and even that did not give much importance to education in fashion. Some typical designs and styles were called fashion.

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