Fashion Collections

Red Color Collections

These days, the color red is very popular among girls. The color red is the wedding of weddings in Asia because Bridals 90% in Asia, want to use the red color on their wedding day. Basically it is our tradition of wearing red on the wedding day. The girls choose the red color with jewels good agreement with the theme of the function. In our tradition it is common to wear red in wedding functions, but no longer is. So the girls are using a unique combination of colors in their dresses for unique and attractive look.
In these days of red with black fancy embroidery is more popular in wedding functions. The red embroidery of gold or silver or tape can be very attractive if an expert to make such clothes. In general, red is the official color mostly use this color in the special features about our daily lives. These days the blue and green colors are also red inn.
Red is the color of love. This color is a sign of love. Valentine's Day lovers celebrate their love and their relationship to the use of red dresses. The colors of roses lovers are used to celebrate this occasion are red. The red color is bright and has the concept of warm feelings and aggressive lover.

80s Fashion Collection

Fashion is a style or trend. Basically, we create fashion according to our choice that is not consistency. Our choice, mood, season and the atmosphere that the different fashion sense. When compared with the fashion fashion 80's we realize that there is totally different. In the media the previous century was not working efficiently and people adopt the fashions and styles that were in their daily lives as a unique and beautiful.
At the beginning of the 80 were limited fashion and only had a few styles. Women are used with heavy embroidery belly shirts. But impotence were given in the selection of colors and the color combination is ideal for shirt and pants? What color is right for your personality? And it is the color of the embroidery is suitable for plain color shirt? All these questions are basically the issues that are important in making any dress. In the last century people were much more aware. His knowledge was limited to fashion and even that did not give much importance to education in fashion. Some typical designs and styles were called fashion.

Different Styles  with Different Colors

This light green dress with beautiful color combination on the front of the shirt. this color is mostly use in the summer season because it has soft and cold stuff and suitable for summer season.
This dress is also a summer collection having graceful idea. white shirt with silver stones on shirt gives a unique and attractive look. white shoes with this white dress gives the perfect look of a girl.
Red color is romantic color and have concept of romance and theme with this color is full of love and unique. this color is famous in every type of season and functions. This dress is also shows the romantic mood and attractive look of her.
This is a casual dress with nice color combination of white and blue. both are light color shows the summer location. White and blue embroidry on the shirt is the creative mostly students are using such type of dresses.
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