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Latest Males And Females Foot Wears On EID 2015

Designers all over the world introduce their gorgeous footwear’s designs on EID for both men and women. Their collection includes casual shoes to dressy and specialty shoes. Every designer who has a clothing line also has a shoe line also. Every talented designer mixes the high fashion with the comfort. But the benefits of having designer shoes don't stop there. Latest footwear’s Eid Collection 2015 is also reasonably priced. While some designers offer high prices on some pair of shoes, 2015 latest EID collection priced is in the mid-range, so an average person who wants trendy shoes with comfort can easily buy it.

Innovative styles of Foot Wear On eid 2015

Men's Wear

For men, there are a variety of trendy shoes from which to choose. The EID collection 2015 contains boots, lace up trainers and dress shoes. The EID collection 2015 includes deck shoes, sandals and many more varieties, styles and colors for both casual and formal look. Regardless of the style, EID collection footwear is affordable, comfortable and fashionable. 2015 EID collection is a perfect accessory for both casual wear and business attire. Bata, Urban sole, Hash puppies, as a leading manufacturer of the shoes, he also introduces a new EID collection for the males. Bata new collection revolves around the trendy, comfortable, stylish shoes and casual chapels in economical prices.

Eid Collection of Foot Wear of Laces Shoes

Latest Style Of Foot Wear on Eid for Male

innovative Styles Of Shoes for Males on eid 2015

Eid collection of Foot Wear For Males

Women's Wear
The EID collection 2015 for women includes a variety of different sandals, heel shoes in various styles and colors. These shoes are perfect for casual and even you can wear to the office to give an eye catching style. EID collection 2015 for women add strappy sandals, flats, wedges, high heels, open and closed toe shoes and trainers in a variety of colors. The tasteful lady will definitely find a shoe suited for every style and outfit from this collection, whether to go to work or spending EID with the friends and family. Stylo, Milli shoes, Bata, Service, Metro shoes, shoe planet footwear Eid Collection 2015 revolves around the stylish, trendy, sandals, flats, wedges, high heels, open and closed toe shoes. All these ladies footwear brands are offering the shoes at an affordable price. Any working lady can easily buy shoes from any of these favorite brands.

Eid latest Styles of Foot Wear For girls

Full heals style of Foot wears for girls on Eid 2015

New styles of Foot wears for girls On eid  2015

Latest styles of Ladies Foot Wears on Eid

Affordable comfort
Every designer introduces the highly fashionable shoes with different models in his collection. However, ever designer footwear is accessible to every person in price ranges that are affordable to the average working person. Latest 2015 EID collection is durable and will last for a long time, so you can consider buying latest shoes an investment. However, Camper footwear will not break the bank. 2015 footwear EID collection will remain fashionable, comfortable each time you wear it and will appropriate to wear on every occasion. It is rare to grab such a combination of functionality and fashion, especially at an affordable price. It is no wonder that every person from male to female is grabbing shoes from the EID collection 2015.

Foot Wear with Comfort and affordable range on eid

eid latest and Comfortable styles of foot wears

To view a wide range of 2015 EID collection shoes you can visit the websites of different brands.


Eid Mehndi Designs increase the beauty of the hands of women and girls. There are many designs of Mehndi or variety of signs which influence on the personality of kids, girls and women on the EID or any other occasion. Girls didn’t consider themselves complete without mehndi because it is the simple and easy way to make hands beautiful. Eid is considered to be a religious festival in the Muslim countries and it is celebrated with the happiness, fun, emotions, new and trendy dresses. On this important event every lady cannot imagine her Eid without mehndi designs. People from ladies to males prefer the mehndi in the form of tattoos globally. But Arabic and Indian mehndi designs are famous in UAE and other Asian countries. Except the EID occasion Ladies prefer the Mehndi on the marriage parties or any religious festivals. 

Full aram styles for girls on eid 2015

eid mahndi for males

Eid Mehndi Designs increase the beauty of the hands of women and girls. There are many designs of Mehndi or variety of signs which influence on the personality of kids, girls and women on the EID or any other occasion. Girls didn’t consider themselves complete without mehndi because it is the simple and easy way to make hands beautiful. Eid is considered to be a religious festival in the Muslim countries and it is celebrated with the happiness, fun, emotions, new and trendy dresses. On this important event every lady cannot imagine her Eid without mehndi designs. People from ladies to males prefer the mehndi in the form of tattoos globally. But Arabic and Indian mehndi designs are famous in UAE and other Asian countries. Except the EID occasion Ladies prefer the Mehndi on the marriage parties or any religious festivals. 

Eid latest full arm designs of mahndi

Mehndi designs for full arms  on eid

Just like the Girls small girls also search for latest and beautiful collection of mehndi designs as every lady from older to young want unique totally different design from others. Mostly mehndi is preferred by ladies on some special occasion like Eid, Karva Chauth, Dasara etc. As compared to the Indian and Arabic designs Pakistani Mehndi Designs are so much famous among the kids. Young girls, especially like the Eid patterns 2015. One can easily put these patterns to make the hands beautiful. Some practice will be required to copy these patterns on the hands.

latest design of mehndi on eid

Peacock Mehndi designs for hands and for full arms are very famous among the ladies and young girls. This article will help you to choose the best and trendy mehndi design for the arms and hands on the EID. You can make these design on your hands on your wedding and I these designs will surely beautify your hands.

eid with innovative styles of mehndi peacock style

Eid mehndi styles for girls and women
I hope that you will appreciate my Eid Mehndi Designs 2015 article and make your EID day more stylish and gorgeous.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Trendy and stylish MEHNDI DESIGNS 2015 FOR GIRLS & WOMEN

In Asia and Africa both MEHNDI application is a tradition. However, this tradition has converted into a trend nowadays because this trend is beautiful yet painless. MEHNDI designs are being used as an art because it doesn’t include any piercing related pain or botheration of being permanent.

Weddings and religious functions are totally incomplete without the application of MEHNDI. The MEHNDI designs have gained popularity through the internet and now GIRLS & WOMEN want to see the trendy MEHNDI DESIGNS 2015.

eid special styles of mehndi

eid collection for mehndi

eid mehndi styles

styles of mehndi

eid styles of mahndi

GIRLS & WOMEN can choose from a variety of different MEHNDI designs that are available on the internet. Patterns are a good approach to use as a guide while applying the MEHNDI or you can transfer these patterns to the hand directly by utilizing the carbon paper. 

Eid design for girls

After choosing from the wide array of MEHNDI designs 2015, the next step is to apply these designs. If one is a beginner, practicing the design on a paper will be helpful. Mehdi application and the designs are all about the creativity and practice.
Four main types of MEHNDI designs are introduced in 2015. The first one is, Indian style in these design fingertips is being covered by henna. The second one is, Pakistani patterns it is more intricate, complex and also the time consuming. African designs have medium sized flowers, leaves and vines motifs.

eid mehndi style

eid with mehndi styles

indain styles for girls on eid

pakistani styles of mehndi

Pakistani inovative styles

A good MEHNDI 2015 design would give a gorgeous look to your hands. Try to choose the design according to the occasion and dress type.
If you are looking for a good MEHNDI design 2015 then you should go for a good MEHNDI artist who is skilled in the art and knows all tips and tricks to make your hands beautiful. You can check his or her previous art history to understand the quality of service and the associated rates. There are many MEHNDI artists who charge very affordable hourly rates.

Girls special styles of mehndi 2015

eid styles of mehndi

eid with mehndi styles

Furthermore, you can go for the MEHNDI artists who give wide-ranging variety of MEHNDI designs 2015 as well as incredible MEHNDI packages that definitely suit your needs. Packages that artist offers normally include bridal MEHNDI packages which include the MEHNDI application, wherein the artists use a good quality henna paste. MEHNDI artist also offers post MEHNDI application measures so that the MEHNDI stays for a long time.
If you are looking forward for the best MEHNDI designs 2015 you could consider the above mentioned and below mentioned factors.
During the mehandi application, care should be done to avoid smudging the design. When the mehandi dries, a mixture of the lemon juice and sugar should be applied with cotton. This solution works as a fixer and enhances the color of the mehandi on the skin.
There are a variety of styles to choose from for a mehandi design 2015. Some of the most popular mehandi designs 2015 include the ethnic Indian patterns, intricate Pakistani designs, the Arabic style motifs and the African geometric patterns. The huge variety of mehandi designs along with the all-natural herbal henna usage, make mehandi the best body art.

Asim Jofa Eid Collection 2015 For Girls and Women

There are some really cute designer dresses available for you in the market and outlets; you can get them from many places in affordable prices. Below we will discuss the Asim Jofa Eid Collection 2015 so you can get a small idea of what types of design Asim Jofa Eid Collection 2015 have. Regardless of what you need the dresses for EID or just a simple dress for the formal EID function, Asim Jofa Eid Collection includes wonderful dresses and will definitely make you feel special.
Fashion industry has been totally changed at the present in Pakistan and every designer is playing a vital role in this process. Among the most talented dress designers, Asim Jofa has become widely popular in the recent years. Asim Jofa recently launches the 2015 Collection For Girls and Women This designer collection showcases a huge range of formal dresses for EID, including casual wears and party dresses both.

Eid outfits By Asim Jofa Collection 2015

eid collection with innovative styles by Asim JOfa

Eid styles by Asim Jofa
Asim Jofa offers dresses for women only with the mission of meeting the taste of all ladies age groups. This brand recently launches the EID collection and keeps the ladies up to date with the current fashion trends.

Eid collection with Eye catching Colors

paty dresses by asim Jofa

Asim Jofa Eid Collection is all about the darker shades, like orange, red, blue, maroon etc. and it also includes some pieces of bold cuts.

Eid collection by Asim Jofa 2015

eid with Asim jofa dark sahdes

Traditional EID Collection

Asim Jofa has come up with the most stunning EID Collection that is available in the market. This brand introduces the both traditional styles with some innovative changes in their collection. EID collection from ASim jofa is considered to be the most elegant one that is currently available in the market and highlt appreciated by ladies. He introduces formal dresses for EID 2015 according to the preferences of all age groups of ladies.
Asim jofa new collection for eid

Eid collection by Asim jofa

Asim jofa eid dress

eid wears by asim jofa

eid special collection by Asim jofa
Silk stuff is the specialty of ASim Jofa trendy and most elegant dresses and designs. Silk dresses, with eye catching prints makes the ASim Jofa dress the perfect ones.

Embroidered Dress:

Embroidered long shirts are available with stylish silk trousers. Asim introduce the special outfits and jewelry designs for women globally.  For the perfection in the dresses He prepares his dresses with his own fabrics. Asim Jofa is considered to be the most famous designer of Pakistan as he always introduces the eye-catching colors in his collections. You can wear the Asim Jofa 2015 collection on every occasion party or wedding ceremony. The EID collection for women 2015 is also perfect for the simple event also. Make your personality classic, stylish and beautiful with the Asim Jofa 2015 collection. The use of beads, dabka, threads on 100% pure silk fabrics are the vital features of the ASim jofa 2015 EID collection.

eid collection by Asim jofa

eid special offer from asim jofa

dress for eid 2015

Eid collection of Asim Jofa

ASim jofa limited edition collection is available at stores and stockiest in almost every major city. ASim jofa 2015 collection will go out of stock soon so grab your favorite suits from the stores as soon as possible. They introduce 28 designs in his collection and all of the 28 designs are unique in its style.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

EID collection - Trends for 2015

Each person from male to female has a picture in their mind of the perfect EID - the Dress, gatherings, and food - all of it works together as the perfect EID. Some women want a dress that makes them like a brighter star while others want something simple and elegant. The EID collection 2015 dresses showing up bright colors, fashionable cuts, and trendy prints.

males eid collection

eid collection for males

eid collection for females

eid collection for females

eid collection for males footwears

eid collection for males kurta

kurta style of males for eid

eid collection for males

eid collections

eid styles

eid styles for men

eid collections

Designers recently launched their summer Eid collection 2015. The overall focus is on lawns that are trendy, soft and fashion-forward. Eid collection 2015 styles are mentioned below.

Embodied Necklines 

For the woman who likes unique styles in her eid clothing, Embodied Necklines create a modern, chic and sophisticated look. Every designer draws attention to the neck, shoulders and upper back, and is ideal for the eid event.

Kurti Style

 heavy Embodied suites are hot at the moment. Bright colors, lawn material and lovely prints kurtis are a great choice for the summer EID. Sana safinz and other top name designers are offering the kurtis as a fresh alternative in their collections. These summer dresses are for the EID- when everyone wants to wear a unique style dress and enjoys the ease of a designer dress.

eid collections

eid styles with kurti

Sleek and Sexy

Ladies who don’t want to wear the flappers, sleek and sexy Capris offer a great alternative to the flappers. Capris are looking very glamorous in summers. The soft and drapey fabrics that these capries are made of give a great shape to the legs and body. Of course Capris can always help out in those areas! This style of EID dress is great for EID get together.

eid collection with styles

Bright Colored prints

Ladies who don’t like completely embodied shirts, they may opt the bright colored shirts for the eid. You can choose any color of your choice or it may be a color that coordinates with EID colors.

eid colections

eid styles for girls

styling with eid

trends for eid

Eid 2015 collection relies on the fabric and cut to make a statement rather than a significant amount of sleeves, layers and heavy prints. Smooth fabrics like cotton, chiffon are ideal for a simple EID dress. These fabrics moves stylishly and feels lightweight even though it also looks rich and elegant.
EID dress collections on the market this year are all about some vibrant colors with smooth fabrics. Some simple branded dress against bright colors is incredibly eye catching on any lady. In simple words, this is also the kind of dress that can be used later after EID. There is a wide range of colors from which to select your simple EID dress. Kurtis is popular in Pakistan and other locations of the world and appropriate for any occasion.
Each dress selection is unique for the EID. Not everyone has the embodied dull prints in mind. Something less dramatic can actually a better choice for some body types. Simple EID dresses for 2015 seem to have kept that in mind.