Monday, November 29, 2010

80s Fashion Collection

Fashion is a style or trend. Basically, we create fashion according to our choice that is not consistency. Our choice, mood, season and the atmosphere that the different fashion sense. When compared with the fashion fashion 80's we realize that there is totally different. In the media the previous century was not working efficiently and people adopt the fashions and styles that were in their daily lives as a unique and beautiful.
At the beginning of the 80 were limited fashion and only had a few styles. Women are used with heavy embroidery belly shirts. But impotence were given in the selection of colors and the color combination is ideal for shirt and pants? What color is right for your personality? And it is the color of the embroidery is suitable for plain color shirt? All these questions are basically the issues that are important in making any dress. In the last century people were much more aware. His knowledge was limited to fashion and even that did not give much importance to education in fashion. Some typical designs and styles were called fashion.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Different Styles with Different Colors

This light green dress with beautiful color combination on the front of the shirt. this color is mostly use in the summer season because it has soft and cold stuff and suitable for summer season.
This dress is also a summer collection having graceful idea. white shirt with silver stones on shirt gives a unique and attractive look. white shoes with this white dress gives the perfect look of a girl.
Red color is romantic color and have concept of romance and theme with this color is full of love and unique. this color is famous in every type of season and functions. This dress is also shows the romantic mood and attractive look of her.
This is a casual dress with nice color combination of white and blue. both are light color shows the summer location. White and blue embroidry on the shirt is the creative mostly students are using such type of dresses.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010


This beautiful style shows the fresh look of spring season. A beautiful girl with beautiful flower shows the fresh look of spring season. we can use such type of dresses in fresh and full of airy season.

In this nice style girl used the beads in her black hair and white upper made by silky net gives her beautiful and attractive look. This is an Arabic style.

This shirt have different colors and this open style shirt is famous in Asian culture.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fashion in Different Cultures

 Fashion is the most important word for everyone. Fashion is an existing trend which has ability to change according to the moods and behavior of the people. A man who is the part of society wants to follow the fashion according to his culture, tradition, season and also his age. Many factors are affected on the fashion such as everyone likes to choose those fashions which are suitable for him and according to his age. In the selection of clothes we mostly follow the fashion, and in any culture people choose those wearing which is according to his culture and tradition. Gown and scarf is the part of Muslims culture. In Islamic women wearing covered dress. In European culture girls and boys mostly wear jeans and shirts. Culture of any society reflects the fashion because fashion depends on ideas and mood of common people and people wants to adopt those fashions which are suitable according to their atmosphere and culture. Some factors about fashion are common in different societies like bags, jewelry, shoes, stylish clothes, stylish hairstyle and beautiful glasses. When we talk about fashion women word will be appear in our mind because this word is actually made for women but in new generation it is not only for women. Men have their own fashion ideas, and they also give much importance to the selection of clothes, shoes, caps and watches. Every man wants to follow that fashion which makes them unique and decent so these thinking and ideas are common in any culture.
So any culture and society have its own traditions and customs. Every man is affected by his culture and traditions so fashion is that thing which is exist in any culture and every one wants to follow it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

wedding favors

Wedding favors are small and beautiful gifts to show the particular and warm feelings to the guest from newly married couple or their family. Such small gifts shows that bride and groom are happy to see them in their most important event .wedding favors are common in the European culture to show the warm feelings towards the guest, and in European culture is the necessary part of every marriage.
Wedding favors have unique history, this method to give the respect and show the gesture to guest was common in European high class. Italic name of wedding favor is bonbonniere. At the beginning such gifts made by sugar .Different people used sugar with different colors according to the occasion but with the passage of time when sugar was available on shops at reasonable prices then aristocrats replaced sugar by almond and now Jordan almond is normally using in the Europe. European aristocrats were used sugar almonds in their wedding favors with the concept of happiness, health, wealth, fertility and long life for bride and groom.
Wedding favors are used by made of different ingredients according to the taste of the host and also according to the fashion and trend in the society. In small box which is made by tulle or stain puts the sugar almond and tied them with beautiful and colorful ribbons. On different occasions color of sugar will be different .White sugar is using for marriage, pink or light blue is using in birthdays and baptism of baby girl and baby boy. Red color is using for silver or golden year anniversaries.
Presentation of wedding favors plays an important role because it shows much care and importance of the guests in specific event. Some times wedding favors are decorated with dry flowers and some times with artificial flowers made my silk and ribbon. In the presentation of wedding favors, those People who have high social status sometimes use precious box for sugar almonds. Gold, silver and some other metals are also using in the making of wedding favor’s boxes.
New type of wedding favor is favor cake .These wedding favors (cake) are made in the form of little cartoon box on the one or more than one tier of the cake and entire cake also will be covered with almonds .Main concept behind the use of almond in the wedding favors is that almond have sweet and smooth taste which represent the sweetness of new relation in the wedding ceremony. Wedding favors are the part of the receptions planning of the weddings or birthdays mostly in United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Wedding favors are usually decided according to the theme and season of the event which gives the attractive and special look of any event. So the selection of the wedding favor shows the ideas of the host, and if host has creative mind and has ability to make different designs for wedding favors he can get the extra attention of the guests. So this nice gift shows the warm feelings for guests and a good tradition of European society.