Friday, September 11, 2015

7 haircuts for the round face

Every single woman with the round face want to cover-up the roundness, rather than highlight it. The secret to a great hairstyle on a round face is to create the length instead of making it more rounded.

If you also have a round face, then you should choose a haircut that cover up your ears, easy to style and makes your round face thinner. If you have a round face, try the below mentioned haircuts to give a dazzle look to your features.


This beautiful curly hairstyle is perfect option to give a volume and bounce to your hairs. In this hairstyle the bangs are normally parted to one side to give a flirty and youthful effect to the face and the loose curls keep your hairs more romantic. It’s a perfect hairstyle for the night date!

haircuts for the round face CLASSIC CURLS 2015

       Charming BANGS:

This perfect side-swept hairstyle is stylish but at the same time it is edgy. Thick, full bangs is the beauty of this beautiful hairstyle. This style works best for the round shaped faces just because of the forward sweeping bangs. If you have super thick straight hair, then you can easily go for this hairstyle.

haircuts for the round face Charming BANGS 2015


Try to keep the bangs out when you want to go for an updo with a round shaped face. These bangs are will add balance and interest to your rounded face. Medium to thick hair and straight to curly textures hairs are perfect for this hairstyle.

haircuts for the round face ELEGANT UPDO 2015

4.       Straight Hairs:

Long hairs always look great on a round face. If you have a round face keep it straight and also flatter your round face and doesn't add body to your face sides. In fact, this is a perfect way to keep the face slim.
haircuts for the round face Straight Hairs 2015

       Shoulder-Length Hairstyles:

Shoulder-length hairstyles are universally considered to be a flattering one for every face shape. This casual style looks great on every moment. You just need to add fullness to the both sides of your head. If you have wavy or curly hair, cut in layers and make sure to keep some hairs below your chin.

haircuts for the round face Shoulder-Length Hairstyles 2015

       Pixie Haircuts:

Not every pixie hairstyle will look great on a round face shape, but there are some hairstyles which works beautifully on the round face and adds lift at the head top, emphasize the cheekbones and eyes and also make longer to a round face.

haircuts for the round face Pixie Haircuts 2015

      Soft waves:

If you have a round face, it's best to go for the soft waves because it overcome the roundness.
These soft waves would be perfect for hair that fall from fine to medium thick and straight to lightly curly.

haircuts for the round face Soft waves 2015

 I hope that this article would be helpful to find out the best haircut for your round face.